This is something I wrote years ago on a different blog I used to have, but after seeing Inside Out yesterday, I was reminded how awesome Pixar is, and what a special place their creations have in my life. So today I bring back Dear Pixar, Thank You. Entertainment seems to be a hot button issue these days, especially when […]

I’ve been to a myriad of fancy New York City bakeries. I’ve even enjoyed a French pastry (or 10) in Paris before. Those experiences were obviously¬†amazing, but the best cruller I’ve ever had was made by the grocery store bakery in Spanish Fork, Utah. I wouldn’t make this stuff up. I even sang to the cruller. IN FACT, my biggest […]

There was recently an article written in The New Yorker about how Utah Became the Next Silicon Valley. It talks about Utah’s high rate of STEM graduates, our business-friendly laws, diversity of sectors in our tech startups, and other little things like affordable housing and a concentrated population. The average Venture Capital deal in Utah is almost 3 times the […]

If you haven’t used BuiltWith¬†before, it’s a SaaS that will show you all of the different technologies being used on a given website. For example, I can search BuiltWith for and can see that they’re hosted at, are using all sorts of cool ad technologies and services, and can even see that they’re using the Jetpack plugin and […]