… and what it taught me about project management Jackie and I badly needed a new bed so we set out to explore our options. I expected the shopping process to be a major pain (and it was), but it was also the smallest part of the project. I was reminded once again that projects are never what they seem […]

If you’re anything like me you’re much more prone to looking at inspiring fitness images on Pinterest and Instagram for 30 minutes than you are at picking up your ass and hitting the treadmill for 30. I struggle with being truly disciplined in everything that I do. I find, especially with my work, I can be incredibly productive on Monday […]

Holy smokes there are a lot of messaging apps. Right? Email Slack Hangouts Telegram Signal WhatsApp Basecamp And that doesn’t count all of the social apps that have essentially become secondary messaging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. I’m in a constant battle with how to manage alerts and notifications from all these different places, while still being able […]

No one can be an expert at everything. It sounds¬†obvious, but throughout my professional career, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of working with dozens of individuals who actually did know everything. I mean, they never actually came out and said they knew everything, but I never heard them say they didn’t know everything, so I’m going to go out […]

I read a fantastic blog post on the Intercom blog yesterday talking about how Great Support Takes More Than Tech Skills. It’s something that I’ve believed for a long time, but the way they phrased it really resonated with me. The author, Sharon, talks about how every person on the support team has a very diverse background. One used to […]