About Ryan D. Sullivan

Hi there! I’m Ryan and I really appreciate you stopping by. I’m an aspiring writer, WordPress junkie, dad of 3 boys (one who has autism), weekend golfer, headband enthusiast, and I was into bacon before it was trendy.

This particular blog is a collection of my musings. I’m about to become a famous author (as soon as I get a literary agent, a book deal, learn basic grammar, write a book, and market said book) so I want to have a place where I can share some of my thoughts with all of you before I get all big-time and forget where I came from. I’m a generous soul like that.

Mainly I write about life. Being a parent is pretty entertaining so I like to tell people about weird things that happen or stupid things I do. Having been awkward for all of my life, I feel like I’m an expert in that particular subject matter. That’s why I write about being awkward too.

Occasionally I’ll share business, blogging, and web design tips, but those articles are less and less frequent these days. Mostly because there are whole websites dedicated to those topics with full teams of writers doing research and typing really fast. I’ll leave that up to them unless I have something especially interesting to pass your way.

These little dudes are my inspiration for everything I do:

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If you’d like to connect to talk about writing, or WordPress, or bacon, or anything else really, the best way to find me is by using the contact form on this page.

I use Twitter quite a bit too.

I have a LinkedIn profile and accept every single connection but have only visited the website twice. Once to create my account and the second time to change my email preferences. LinkedIn isn’t a great way to contact me.

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