The World Craves Great Storytellers – Why Everyone Should Blog

I watched The Voice on Monday night (don’t judge) with Jackie. Somewhere among Christina’s best Chesty LaRue impersonation and Adam Levine’s sad attempts at Blue Steel, Blake Shelton said something that really hit me hard — like a bullet train to the forehead hard.

As country musicians we tell stories. I already know that both y’all are great singers. I found myself really trying to figure out which of these two has the ability to make me believe what they’re singing. The winner of this battle, for me, is RaeLynn

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My Pinterest Soapbox and Vlogging on VYou

I’ve resisted Pinterest for a long time. I promise I’ve been following the hype but for me it’s been just that. Hype. For me it was a giant honey-do list.

The following is a simulation not a representation of actual events (yeah, right):

“OMG this is the cutest thing ever and I want to SQUEE but I don’t have time to make it so can you make it for me honey? I’ll love you forever and ever!”

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Always Publish. No Matter What.

Seth Godin talks all the time about “shipping.” It’s this idea practice where we set a deadline and then we meet that deadline, no matter what. The product isn’t always going to be perfect. In fact, it’s rarely going to be perfect. There are going to be flaws.

The beauty of the flaws is that we can learn from them. As soon as we, or someone else, identifies where we could have done better, we set the deadline for the second version. And then we meet that deadline. And then the third, and so on.

After a few releases It’s like we become machines. Really awesome machines with frickin’ laser beams on our heads. The more often we deliver the more comfortable we get with hitting that publish button. Every release becomes more refined than the last and pretty soon, we’re pumpin’ out some high quality crap if you know what I mean.

I see a lot of bloggers get discouraged because they’re not getting comments on their posts or their stuff isn’t being shared as much as they’d like.

Guess what, even the best bloggers don’t hit a home run every time they step up to the plate. In my opinion, the best bloggers are the ones that strike out completely, dust themselves off, and hit publish again the next day.

That takes guts.

I’ve quit before. I understand the desire to publish something insanely awesome and feeling like it’s never quite good enough.

What we need to understand, and what it’s taken me about 1,000 blog posts to realize, is that the three pointers at the buzzer don’t come without some early morning gym time on a weekday.

Keep shipping.

Optimizing Feedburner to Help Increase Your Reach

I just set up a feedburner feed for this blog that people can use to subscribe to updates: A lot of people use Feedburner, but not everybody takes full advantage of the features it offers. I created this short video tutorial for optimizing feedburner showing you things like

  1. How to change when your feedburner emails are delivered.
  2. How to change the subject line of your feedburner emails.
  3. How to link a Twitter account to Feedburner.

And more. If any of that interests you go ahead and watch the video. If it doesn’t interest you, have a great day anyway!

If you have no idea what Feedburner is or what it does, your secret is safe with me. You can read all about it here. Or if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments!