No one can be an expert at everything. It sounds obvious, but throughout my professional career, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of working with dozens of individuals who actually did know everything. I mean, they never actually came out and said they knew everything, but I never heard them say they didn’t know everything, so I’m going to go out […]

Or do you want me to pander and let you know how amazing it is that you’ve built a thing? Any… thing? In the world of feedback, friendly feedback and honest feedback aren’t even in the same universe. Be one who gives it straight. — Jason Fried (@jasonfried) December 14, 2015 About a year ago (what’s the statute of limitations […]

I don’t give business advice because I’m not qualified to give people business advice. I get hit up with new business ideas at least a couple of times a week. Some people have new ideas and other people want to know about reducing churn rates or increasing the LTV of their current customers. Weird, businessy stuff. Trust me, I’m flattered that […]

I’ve been to a myriad of fancy New York City bakeries. I’ve even enjoyed a French pastry (or 10) in Paris before. Those experiences were obviously amazing, but the best cruller I’ve ever had was made by the grocery store bakery in Spanish Fork, Utah. I wouldn’t make this stuff up. I even sang to the cruller. IN FACT, my biggest […]