The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Men

Valentine’s Day is BY FAR the the worst “holiday” ever. I’m not anti-romance by any means, but the anxiety that Cupid can bring to a guy on the 14th of February can only be rivaled by trying to open that plastic clamshell packaging that all electronics come in nowadays.

We get frazzled way too easily.

Believe it or not I wasn’t really a Cassanova in high school (seriously, wipe the shocked look off of your face). I remember that the student council was doing some kind of fundraiser and they were letting students send Valentine’s to each other.You could send a rose for 3 bucks and a cookie for 2 bucks. How they felt good about that kind of price gouging in an institution of public learning I’ll never know, but I remember stressing about those Valentine’s so much.

Valentine’s Day is rough on us guys