Have You Kissed Yourself Today?

I was sitting in church yesterday and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a little baby — maybe 9 0r 10 months old — repeatedly slamming his head against a book. It seemed a little out of the ordinary so I looked a little closer. Sure enough he sat on the floor drooling excessively and banging his head against the same page in his board book over and over again.

The parents are doing a beautiful job of raising either a pro wrestler or a reality TV star. They should be proud.

It’s weird how fascinating the whole thing was for me. The little baby never once turned the page and the dad sitting next to me didn’t seem to think it was strange at all.



The dad picked up the baby to give him a goldfish cracker, and when he set him back down I could see what was on the page that the baby kept headbutting. It was a mirror. Little Mr. Slobbers wasn’t headbutting anything. He was giving himself a kiss. A big, wet, sloppy kiss.

It was awesome.

Quickly my imagination took that to a totally new level where I envisioned this baby raising his eyebrows and making kissy faces at himself in the mirror. For some reason he had an Italian accent.

“Lookin’ pretty good there ladykilla!”

“How YOU doin’?”

When was the last time I looked at myself in the mirror and ogled that way? At some point in life that kind of self-confidence or swagger starts being recognized as arrogance, and that’s a really sad day. We all have that self-admiring sexy beast somewhere inside of us, but every day he seems to take a beating. Society says he’s not allowed here anymore, but society’s wrong. We have enough outside sources telling us we’re not good enough, or strong enough or smart enough. We need our inner Mr. Slobbers telling us how awesome we truly are.

So here’s your exercise for the day:

Look at yourself in the mirror and say “You are one sexy beast” 3 to 300 times. Add a “RAWR” on the end just for good measure. Trust me, it helps. Finish it off by giving the mirror a big, wet, sloppy kiss.

If this isn’t part of your routine you’re going to feel really dumb doing it. That’s totally normal, but I guarantee you can’t do it without feeling better about life and about yourself.

Note: If you share a bathroom you should probably clean the mirror off after you’re done. It’s good manners.


  1. says

    Love it! We saw so many babies hauled out of service for crying yesterday only to return asleep. Hubby and I smiled that, “we remember that phase of walking a fussy baby around until they pass out” smile and thanked God right there in church that we were past it.

  2. says

    The inherent problem (for me) with this exercise’ each day I get older, I look a little bit more like my father. The mirror is unforgiving these days — I just don’t see myself anymore, I see the me of 30 years from now. No kissing. No appreciation. Total fear. Zoinks….

  3. Miz says

    I watch my daughter do this (ok sans drool and head banging) and wonder as well when in the HECK we lose all this?!


  4. says

    I’m working on a post right now that was inspired by my daughter looking at herself in the mirror and saying “damn I’m good looking.”

    I wonder where she gets that. I mean, I know where she gets the trucker mouth. But the confidence? I’m not so sure.

  5. says

    We have enough outside sources telling us we’re not good enough, or strong enough or smart enough. We need our inner Mr. Slobbers telling us how awesome we truly are.

    SO TRUE!!!! We need to start telling ourselves we are awesome! I heard a lady that won one of those Golden Globe awards say that she is comfortable & happy inner skin & that is what matters. She said people could have said they hated her dress or the way she looked & it would not have mattered cause she is happy with herself. We all need that!

    Great post!

  6. says

    Hahah – some people get annoyed by crying babies in church. I say that’s a big reason why I keep coming back! I love kids. And your pull quote at the top had me rolling. I don’t know if I can do the mirror thing – hey, at least I’m honest! – but maybe I can work up to it:)

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