I don’t give business advice because I’m not qualified to give people business advice. I get hit up with new business ideas at least a couple of times a week. Some people have new ideas and other people want to know about reducing churn rates or increasing the LTV of their current customers.¬†Weird, businessy stuff. Trust me, I’m flattered that […]

This is something I wrote years ago on a different blog I used to have, but after seeing Inside Out yesterday, I was reminded how awesome Pixar is, and what a special place their creations have in my life. So today I bring back Dear Pixar, Thank You. Entertainment seems to be a hot button issue these days, especially when […]

I’ve been to a myriad of fancy New York City bakeries. I’ve even enjoyed a French pastry (or 10) in Paris before. Those experiences were obviously¬†amazing, but the best cruller I’ve ever had was made by the grocery store bakery in Spanish Fork, Utah. I wouldn’t make this stuff up. I even sang to the cruller. IN FACT, my biggest […]