The Rookie’s Guide to Being Your Best

Did you know that rookies could qualify as expert life coaches?

It’s true. You see, up until this year I put so much focus on the inexperience of a rookie, that I was missing out on some of their most powerful traits.

Now before the non-sports fans start yawning or yelling things like “I HATE SPORTS BALL!”, hear me out for a minute. These lessons aren’t just good for sports fans. They’re good for all of us.

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Warning: Potentially the Most Anticlimactic Story You’ll Ever Hear

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I had the opportunity to help a stranger in need. I figured the best way to tell you how things went down was through a video. I’ll tell you this: it was so weird. I’ve decided that I’m a magnet for the unexpected. Strangeness flocks to me. Even though the story doesn’t end in a car chase, the way it ends makes it so much funnier to me. Whether or not it’s funny to you will be decided after viewing. Oh, and hopefully there’s a good reminder in there somewhere too…

Click here to watch the video if you don’t see it below.

Are you just as baffled as I was am? 

Would You Clean Up Vomit for a Stranger?

I sat in church on Sunday watching the minutes on the clock slowly tick away. The clock wasn’t moving fast enough. Having three kids, any of whom could erupt into a tirade at any moment in a setting like church, that is supposed to have some level of reverence, is anything but relaxing for me and Jackie. I couldn’t focus on the message. How could I? There were way too many things that could go wrong at any second.

A dad on the other side of the aisle stood up to take his kid to the bathroom. He had an orange Skittle stuck to his crotch. Maybe it was an M&M? I’m not sure. I didn’t ask. The timing didn’t seem quite right.

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How to Remember Your Next Great Idea

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: if my rear end weren’t permanently attached with gorilla glue (don’t ask), I’d never remember to bring it with me. I remember completely ridiculous stuff like every single lyric to Baby Got Back, but when it comes to remembering my wedding anniversary, I resort to getting married on Tax Day so I have a reminder. Yeah, I’m that lame. (And no, that’s not really why we got married on tax day… entirely).

My brain is constantly racing, and once in every 150,000 or so thoughts, I have one that’s worth keeping. The problem is, that if I don’t record it RIGHT NOW, it’s gone for good. I don’t know if you’re like me, but letting the idea go stagnant for even 10 seconds without tracking it somehow, and it’s gone forever. No matter how hard I try to bring the idea back from whatever black hole it’s been sucked into, my efforts fall short.

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10 Quotes That Drive Me to Be My Best

Today’s post is a little bit different than anything I’ve done in a while. My posts have become increasingly wordy as I’ve practiced a few different writing techniques in an attempt to sharpen my skillz (yes, with a z); so today I wanted to let you relax your brains and your eyeballs for a quick minute. Below is a list of quotes that help keep me in check and actively trying to be my best. I also made them pretty instead of using plain text. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful photography while you grab some inspiration on this hump day.

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