Lift Up a Friend in 2012

Today is the first day of 2012. Many of us are choosing today to finally set out to reach those goals that we’ve written down every December 31st for the last decade. Some of us aren’t. Resolutions put too much pressure on us and make us feel like failures when we screw up before Human Rights Day President’s Day.

Some of us choose February to start changing our lives. 82% of us have made the same New Year’s Resolution more than once. Some of us resolve to not resolve. And other’s choose to actively campaign against resolutions entirely.

Here’s my thought: If 82% of people have made the same resolution more than once, that means that 18% have either quit trying or they’ve succeeded. I haven’t had the best success with New Year’s resolutions myself, but if 10% have, who are we to discourage a change for the better, even it is on the first day of the year?


It Takes a (Christmas) Village to Raise a Child With Autism

It Takes a (Christmas) Village to Raise a Child With Autism.

I promise not to abuse the link feature on the new site. The only time I’ll use it is when I find something really awesome online that is absolutely perfect on its own. I read this article at the Huffington Post yesterday and it spoke to me (Hint: Click this post title to be taken to the article).

Here’s a small exceprt:

Children learn to connect with the people in their lives who have developmental disabilities by watching their parents. When parents model the imaginative generosity needed for forming substantive relationships with their relatives with autism, their own children learn how to be imaginatively generous too. And there’s a bonus — so-called “normal” children who learn to connect with a cousin who has autism wind up mastering essential ethical lessons that extend beyond the sphere of awareness as it relates to persons with disability.

Welcome to My New Digs

This is my new blog. You know, the one I’m starting with no expectations. Even though I don’t have any particular expectations for this site, there is definitely a method behind the eclectic madness. I thought long and hard (obligatory TWSS) about how I wanted to build this site. Here are some of the things I wanted from it:

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My 3 Year Old is Smarter Than Me

Brady: Daddy, can I have a juice box?

Me: No Brady, juice boxes are for lunch. We’re having breakfast right now. What do you want for breakfast?

Brady: Ummm… I’ll have peanut butter and jelly.

Me: Kind of strange, but alright.

Brady: Silly dad, you don’t eat peanut butter and jelly for breakfast. You eat it for lunch. This is lunch. I’ll have my juice box now.