Party of Five

Have you ever ended a date at the hospital?

I did.

On Valentine’s Day of all days.

Believe it or not it had the perfect ending.

As the date ended at 4:36am on Wednesday, Patrick Jack’s life began.

It’s one thing to drive a minivan, but actually needing all of the seats is surreal.

We’re five days in and we’ve already had our share of adventures… including two instances of public urination. But that’s a story for another day (and please don’t call the cops).

We’ve also begun the process of building a boxing ring in our basement. No doubt that’s going to come in handy down the road.

We can’t wait for all the good times to come.

I mean, we are a PARTY of five, right?


  1. says

    Happy Birthday, Patrick!!! Have a wonderful life!
    Don’t grow up too fast – that’s many parents’ main complaint once their kids reach teenhood.

  2. says

    As part of a party of five, I agree, it is awesome. Nothing like being outnumbered by the offspring! But seriously, congratulations, he is beautiful. Love seeing all the pictures. Enjoy!

  3. says

    Congrats to you guys! He’s beautiful! Thanks for bringing back those just home from the hospital memories! You guys are so very blessed and thank you for sharing and reminding me of the important things in life.

    • ryan says

      There’s actually a fine that has to be paid until all of the seats are filled. Glad we don’t have to pay that anymore! ;)

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