Pixar Heard You Loud and Clear

Yesterday I made a plea with all of you to share a kind word or a sweet photo with Pixar for the amazing things they’ve done for my family.


You responded in a way I could have never imagined. I reached out to friends and family to share the good word. There was nothing I wanted more than for Pixar to hear that they’re appreciated and that their good deed did not go unnoticed.


They heard you so much so that yesterday’s post actually ended up on an internal Pixar bulletin board. A Pixar employee left a comment saying that Wendy, who I mentioned in yesterday’s post, had seen the message.


On Twitter alone over 1 million impressions were made. Tracking the story on Facebook is a little more tricky, but I had people let me know that were actually creating Facebook accounts for the very first time just so they could share the amazing gesture of the Pixar family.

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My friend Rog Law said the following on facebook:

With all the negativity that we’re constantly bombarded with, it’s easy to forget the potential this amazing world we’re living in has. Great job, Disney Pixar!


More than anything I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to send Pixar a quick message. I loved seeing all of the photos roll in and I’ve posted them all below. They’re absolutely fantastic! If I’ve missed one or you’d still like to submit one, just send me the link through my contact page.

Note: I’ve never embedded tweets this way before so I’m not sure if this will work in feed readers or emails. If you don’t see a long list of photos below this click here to come see them on my site. Also, if the images don’t all display, it’s worth your time to click the links in the tweets. Trust me!


  1. Jaime says

    This post made me cry! Great job to Ryan and his “team”! I too have twin brothers that suffer from Autism, and Pixar has changed the way we are able to communicate with each other!

  2. says

    This is really awesome Ryan and goes to show just how powerful genuinely caring for your customers is. I talk about social media on my blog and this is something I’ll definitely be writing about for next week.

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