Warning: Potentially the Most Anticlimactic Story You’ll Ever Hear

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I had the opportunity to help a stranger in need. I figured the best way to tell you how things went down was through a video. I’ll tell you this: it was so weird. I’ve decided that I’m a magnet for the unexpected. Strangeness flocks to me. Even though the story doesn’t end in a car chase, the way it ends makes it so much funnier to me. Whether or not it’s funny to you will be decided after viewing. Oh, and hopefully there’s a good reminder in there somewhere too…

Click here to watch the video if you don’t see it below.

Are you just as baffled as I was am? 


  1. says

    OK, I never expected that ending! :-) BUT, I agree, we need to help. In these times, it is hard because sometimes the helper is the one that ends up dead or hurt & it can be scary. I guess we have to approach each situation with eyes & ears & mind open!

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