When a Blog Goes Silent…

Whenever a blog goes quiet the rumor mill starts working:

  1. “Maybe he has a rare disease?”
  2. “I’ll bet he finally had that nervous breakdown we’ve all been expecting.”
  3. “Utah probably blocked the internet.”
  4. “I CAN’T BELIEVE HE STOPPED BLOGGING!! Oh well, what are the Kardashian’s up to?” *click*

This post is going to play the role of a) letting you know I’m alive, and b) letting you know that I have no idea when I’ll be back.

The reason for my blog absence is honestly too boring to even mention, but for those of you who’d really like to know, here it is: I’ve been busy.

Told you it was boring.

I would have loved to report that I’ve been on the set of some Reality TV show without internet access where a father of three switches his own children to take care of three out-of-work child stars, but I’ve just been working a lot. And by working a lot I mean I’ve been buried in code, marketing stuff, and a bunch of other non-glamorous work. Any breaks I get from that are spent with my family at Costco or the Home Depot. I sleep sometimes too. Rarely.

If it were as simple as falling out of the routine of blogging, I’d probably jump right back in and go crazy. But this is the first time since I started blogging that I truly don’t have time to write.

“You’ll never have enough time! You have to MAKE time!” says the peanut gallery.

And the peanuts do have some wisdom. But I also know that I’ve made time for stuff that matters a lot more to me than blogging for the time being, and that by the time that’s scheduled, I don’t even have five minutes to scribble down my thoughts and hit publish.

My twitter and facebook usage has also suffered greatly. If you’ve appreciated the break from my ramblings, please don’t tell me. I have an ego to protect.

I love to write and I plan to write a lot. Currently it’s not in the cards, so I just take quick notes about things that happen or random thoughts I ponder, and when life starts giving me an extra 30 minutes in a day, I’ll start turning those notes into something worth reading.

This isn’t goodbye, or even farewell; it’s a quick message to let you know that I’m not dead. Not even close.

More later…


  1. says

    ((insert eye roll and ghetto neck twist with finger snap here)) well can you at least post the occasional pic with new ‘n sexy headbandware? sheesh

  2. says

    I’m feeling the time crunch too but for now blogging is helping me hold on to the little shred of sanity I still convince myself I have!

  3. says

    I so totally get this. Kudos to you my friend for knowing what you need and keeping priorities straight. You’re in my reader and you’re staying there:)

  4. says

    Take this tip from me, please, and apply Jazz where I apply Nuggets:

    There will be at least a half-dozen hours this week where you will be better off blogging than watching basketball.

    Good luck! Family first!

  5. says

    I figured it was #3

    It is all good. Take your hiatus, enjoy life when you can between the work. I am still gonna rampage through your content – I need ideas for my blog structure and you are a minimalist, structure man.

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