Has anyone told those Silicon Valley bros that unicorns aren’t real? Maybe if they knew unicorns were what some dude came up with when he was high and jokingly asked his friend what would happen if a horse hooked up with a narwhal they’d stop making asinine criticisms about how Trello only sold for FOUR.HUNDRED.MILLION.DOLLARS. I’d venture (ha, look at […]

When it comes to protecting data, I’m all about redundancy. If I don’t have at least two additional copies of every single file on my computer, it’s not sufficiently backed up. First thing I should mention is that I use a Mac computer. In fact, all the computers in our home are Macs. This isn’t a political statement so please […]

On a whim we decided to try and take the train on an end of summer family vacation. It’s something we’ve talked about quite a few times before, but never gone through with it for one reason or another. Nearly every person we talked to about it gave us the same response: “OH! We’ve talked about that before too but […]

… and what it taught me about project management Jackie and I badly needed a new bed so we set out to explore our options. I expected the shopping process to be a major pain (and it was), but it was also the smallest part of the project. I was reminded once again that projects are never what they seem […]

If you’re anything like me you’re much more prone to looking at inspiring fitness images on Pinterest and Instagram for 30 minutes than you are at picking up your ass and hitting the treadmill for 30. I struggle with being truly disciplined in everything that I do. I find, especially with my work, I can be incredibly productive on Monday […]